Recently I did a shoot with an awesome friend of mine, Delia. She's a stunning model and I couldn't wait to capture her striking looks against some unique pink walls in Scottsdale. I love the photos - they're now some of my favorites.
But they came out much differently from how I expected.
My initial vision was to create strong color contrast by boosting the pink hues of the walls in Photoshop. But as I was editing, the saturation just wasn't right. I had shot backlit around 5pm, and the lighting was very diffused. The color just wasn't popping. 
So I tried a different editing style. And suddenly, I loved the photos. 
I think having a plan for your photoshoot is extremely important. Production design, lighting, and editing work best in careful harmony. But sometimes, playing around in the editing room can reveal something you didn't expect.
The photos ended up more muted, somber, and diffused. I think it works well with Delia's mature look. It's definitely a departure from my usual style, but maybe I'll try more like these in the future. 
Let me know what you think

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